Our Vision in Maths...

•To use Maths creatively to tackle a range of practical tasks and real-life problems within Maths lessons.

•To develop pupils’ confidence and positive attitudes towards mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills.

•To ensure that all children are secure in the content they have been taught and can apply their knowledge across different contexts.


Our three main aims in Maths...

- Fluency

- Reasoning

- Problem-Solving

In each year group, children taught to be fluent in the fundamental workings of the number system as this feeds into all number-based work and wider problem-solving activities.

Children are taught to reason and generalise about a mathematical statement. Furthermore, to design or pursue a line of enquiry by applying their knowledge of number relationships. 

We feel that enabling children to reason, we are preparing them for the big wide world where they can apply these skills during everyday problems, therefore teachers are encouraged to always put mathematical concepts into daily practice. Presenting a problem and developing the skills needed to solve that problem is more motivational than teaching the skills without a context; therefore practical maths is central to our teaching approach. Teaching maths via problem solving increases the number of individuals who think for themselves in a constantly changing environment. As teachers we support our children to develop skills that they will need to tackle problems. Questioning and deep thinking are valued and mistakes are seen as useful. All children contribute and their suggestions are valued. Being stuck is seen as honourable as children learn from shared discussion with the teacher, adults and peers.


Online Maths...

All children in Years 1 - 6 have a login for Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars. Children can find their login details within their reading records and can access the applications at home. 


Mathletics -

Mathletics is designed to provide students with a cpativating and safe learning experience. It combins targeted and adaptive curriculum content, structured and interactive support, with engaging gaming and rewards - all aligned to the requirements of the curriculum. Class teachers can set tasks linked to what the children are currently learning in class to consolidate learning. 

Children can earn certificates when completing their tasks and there are whole school competitions to see which class is earning the most points! 


Times Tables Rockstars -

All children from Y1 - Y6 have access to a new online system called Times Tables Rockstars. It is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times table practise to improve fluency and speed of recall. It concentrates on a different times table each week, selected by the class teacher, with a recommended consolidation week for rehearsing the tables they have practiced every third week to check retrieval. 


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