Computers and electronic devices are central to so much of our interaction with the world that we want every child at Bishop Martin to have the knowledge to be creative, skilled and safe online. Children will access the internet and electronic devices in ways which empower them and support their learning across the curriculum.

Using the Teach Computing curriculum, developed by the National Centre for Computing Education, pupils will learn how to search online, understand codes and encryption, use common software programs to create new work, and understand how software can provide them with powerful tools to present and organise their learning.

They will learn the building blocks of coding and programming - from making simple animations and learning how to use alghorithms to understanding how complex control systems are created in the real world. Children learn how to use logic and reasoning to create games and predict and control events in simple programs. They will be empowered to use information technology safely and imaginatively in all the areas of their lives. 

Pupils will understand how information is created, stored and manipulated and stored on line. These aspects of learning will be underpinned by our Christian ethos, ensuring that we act appropriately online. There is a strong emphasis on who we are, and the ability to make positive choices and judgements about controlling our own data, and the difference between perception and reality online. This includes the ability to identify where to go for help and support when we have concerns about material on the internet or other online technologies.

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