Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery? 
Reading Recovery is a reading and writing based intervention for year one and year two children between the ages of 5 years 9 months and 6 years 3 months. 

It involves a short series of one-to-one lessons for 30 minutes every day with a specially trained teacher, for upto 20 weeks. The programme is different for every child, starting from what the child knows and what he/she needs to learn next. The focus of each lesson is to comprehend messages in reading and construct messages in writing, learning how to attend to detail without losing focus on meaning.

The Lesson Series
Reading of familiar books
Running Record of their reading 
Word work 
Composing a message orally 
Writing their message 
Reconstructing their sentence after it has been cut up 
Reading of new book 

The lesson includes alot of what the child knows and helps them to be able to become more confident in reading and writing. 

What if my child is chosen? 
If your child is chosen for Reading Recovery you will be contacted and invited into discuss the intervention. When your child has been on the intervention for a few weeks you will be invited to come and see your child take part part in their sessions.

Who do I contact? 
If you have any questions please speak to  Lorna Harper, SENCO or Jill Broom, Head of School 

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