Global Scholars

As part of our INSPIRE Curriculum, Year 5 have the opportunity to take part in an exciting program called Global Scholars. Through the Global Scholars curriculum and online communication with international peers, Year 5 will learn how to solve a global issue. This year, we will be learning about our local food systems and global food systems. We will be discussing and designing local solutions to improve food security and to mitigate the effects of climate change; this is something that we are very passionate about in Year 5.  

We are in a collaboration with many different cities across the globe and have spent time locating them using an atlas and researching all about them. The cities include;

  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Buffalo (United States)
  • Fort Lauderdale (United States)
  • Kokshetau City (Kazakhstan)
  • Liverpool (United Kingdom)
  • Madrid (Spain)
  • New Haven (United States)
  • Taipei (Taiwan)

Unit 1

Unit 1 provides the children with an introduction to the program and a chance to meet their international peers that they will be collaborating with throughout the year. Year 5's first project was to create their own video to introduce themselves, their school and to talk about what it means to be a Global Scholar. They assigned roles to themselves as they managed their project and really developed their teamwork. They filmed and edited the video completely independently using their Computing skills. You can watch this video below. 

The Global Cities team contacted us about our video to say: "I hope you’re well and enjoying the first unit of Global Scholars. Just a quick note to say I really enjoyed your students Unit 1 video. Your students shared some very interesting information about their school and Liverpool. I also enjoyed many of the joyful and humorous moments they included. Please let them know I was impressed with their work and, if I ever get a chance to visit in the future, would really love it if they could teach me how to hula hoop."

Please click on the following link to find out more about this programme.

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